Getting started

What is LabsLand?

LabsLand is an EdTech company that provides access to laboratories and equipment, online. The laboratories are real, not simulations. They can be used to provide practices for students, like the one that they would normally conduct in the hands-on laboratories of the university or community college.

What laboratories are there? What degrees and subjects are them for?

Download the catalog for higher education

We have different types of laboratories for different subjects. The fields that we currently cover with more laboratories are Physics, Technology, and Electronics. We are constantly creating new laboratories, often in collaboration with universities. We also have some laboratories for Chemistry, Biology, and other specific areas. You can see the full list of laboratories.

How do I sign up for LabsLand?

If you are from a higher education institution or a similar institution you can sign up for LabsLand quite easily in two alternative ways:

  • Go to the pricing page, where you will be taken to a page in which you can create a specific space for your institution. You will be able to try the space and the laboratories for free for a period of time. There is no commitment and you will not need to enter any payment method.

  • You can also contact us directly at universities@labsland.com and our experts will create a LabsLand space for you and your institution.

How do I try the laboratories?

If you are from a university or a similar institution you can sign up for LabsLand as described above and you will have a trial space for your institution through which you can try the laboratories.

Alternatively, you can also sign up for an individual trial account from the main LabsLand browser. You will only be able to try the laboratories a limited number of times through an individual trial account, so if you are from a university or similar institution, we suggest that you sign up for a space or that you contact us directly at universities@labsland.com.

Is LabsLand free?

No. LabsLand laboratories are developed and maintained by LabsLand, an edtech company. We are not a government-associated organization so funds are required to provide the service, maintain the labs, develop new ones and keep LabsLand going.

Nonetheless, our aim and commitment is to democratize laboratory practices to make high-quality technical education available for everyone. Thus we try to ensure that the prices are never an obstacle and that they are affordable for all regions.

How much does LabsLand cost?

The cost depends on different factors including the set of laboratories that you wish to access and the number of students that you have. Refer to https://labsland.com/en/pricing for further information or scheduling a meeting with us. Nonetheless, we also offer certain discounts based on volume and commitment. Prices are normally per student and year and the licenses apply for a term.

Why should we use LabsLand?

Practices with real equipment are necessary to provide high-quality STEM education. They are critical in engineering and technical degrees and for most sciences. Providing practices, however, is not easy for institutions.

LabsLand does not aim to replace hands-on practices. Instead, it is meant to be an effective tool to enable higher education institutions and instructors to provide more practices in a more convenient and a more affordable way.

With LabsLand:

  • The equipment is already set up and working. No time wasted.

  • It can be accessed online anytime, anywhere. No need to reserve and prepare a lab. Use it from class, or as homework.

  • Equipment is shared. Access equipment that is located in other higher education institutions across the globe.

  • You have pre-made activities available to use with the laboratories.

  • Access more types of laboratories. You don't need to purchase equipment, just use what is in the network.

  • Easy to use for students: with just a web browser and an Internet connection, access any laboratory.

How do students access the laboratories?

Students are always associated to a custom LabsLand space of their institution. Nonetheless, there are different ways for them to access.

The recommended way is to access through the Learning Management System that the university uses. LabsLand supports almost every LMS. The list of supported LMS includes Moodle, Google Classroom, Sakai, Blackboard, Canvas and others. When properly integrated with an LMS, students will simply need to access a specific activity from their LMS, and they will seamlessly and transparently access the LabsLand laboratory. They will not go through the LabsLand space. That way, it is always very easy for students.

If the institution does not use a Learning Management System or does not wish to integrate LabsLand into one, we offer alternative ways of access. For example, it is possible for instructors to create specific links that can be shared through e-mail, or chat, or any other means, and through which students can directly register and access the laboratories.

Does LabsLand support Moodle / Blackboard / Canvas / Sakai / Classroom...?

LabsLand supports most learning management systems. For example, we support:

  • Moodle

  • Google Classroom

  • Sakai

  • Canvas

  • Blackboard

Other learning management systems that support the LTI standard are most likely supported as well, even if not in the list above.

In some cases, however, the IT services of the university may block third-party tools or certain features of the Learning Management System. In that case, it is also possible for students to access LabsLand in different ways (through special links).

What laboratories do you have, exactly?

As of now we have laboratories for different fields, including:

  • Electronics

  • Robotics

  • Technology

  • Physics

  • FPGA devices

We have also some laboratories for other fields and we will soon have more in the areas of:

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Instrumentation

  • Others

You can see the full list of laboratories that we currently have in: https://labsland.com/en/labs

Also, we are constantly developing new laboratories through our laboratory development services in collaboration with various universities around the world. If you would be particularly interested in certain laboratories that we do not currently have, please contact us at contact@labsland.com.

Will you help instructors implement the laboratories in class?

Yes. We provide detailed support and we will be able to recommend the most appropriate laboratories and activities for your classes, as long as it is within one of the fields that we cover.

If you wish to discuss your particular needs before signing up, you are very welcome to contact us at contact@labsland.com.

Can you create a laboratory for my university?

Possibly. One of the services that we provide is indeed laboratory development for universities. Normally those projects are not "turnkey", however. We work together with the university in the laboratory. Normally we provide the technology, expertise, and software development; while the university provides the laboratories and the domain-expertise. This allows us to provide this service at particularly affordable rates, and for the resulting laboratories to be of a high-quality.

Generally, with our model, the laboratories will be incorporated into the LabsLand network. The university that promotes and funds the laboratory will have several advantages depending on the agreement, such as profit-sharing and high priority in the laboratory. The university will also gain visibility and diffusion, since users of the laboratory, from schools and other universities, will be able to see that it was developed in collaboration with your university.

Do you provide learning activities and didactical units with the labs?

The laboratories are designed to be pedagogically agnostic. They can be used in any way the instructor wants, and integrated within classes freely. However, we do provide different didactical units and support materials. Which materials we provide depend on the specific laboratory. You can find the list with the materials for a lab, in different languages, in the page for each laboratory.

Do you provide online courses?

No. LabsLand only offers the laboratories and supporting contents. We do not provide courses ourselves. Instead, we provide the tools so that you can integrate the laboratories and practices in your own courses, in the way you want.

Where do I get more information?

For more information, you are encouraged to contact us at contact@labsland.com. We will be very glad to speak with you.

I have a LabsLand Space. I need help with it.

You can find information on how to use the LabsLand space in this Help Center. Particularly, you can go to the My LabsLand Space FAQ to see some of the most common questions and answers.