LabsLand Spaces

A LabsLand Space is a website personalized for the higher education institution, where instructors can manage the students, groups, and laboratories. They can also specify which laboratories they can access and see various analytics and statistics.

This guide introduces LabsLand spaces and provides an overview on how to use them.

Creating groups and assigning laboratories

Each higher education institution has its own space in LabsLand. A space will have one or several associate professors, and potentially also students. In such a space, teachers with administration privileges can create groups. A group represents a class or a course.

Through this system, instructors can control which labs students can access, provide them with access, view statistics on their groups without mixing them with other teachers' groups, etc.

This guide explains how to create these groups and how to assign laboratories to them.

Preparing access for students

Once your LabsLand space is ready, your next goal will probably be to provide access to your students.

This guide provides an overview on the various methods that are available for this.

In further guides there are more detailed instructions available for specific ways of providing access to students. See the next guides for details.

Configuring access for students through a link

A simple way to provide access to your students is to create a specific "register" link that they can use. You will be abe to copy that link anywhere (in a blackboard, in an email, in a LMS...). Students will only need to follow that link and they will be able to quickly create an account (they will only need to input a username and a password). With that account they will be able to access the specific labs that you configure.

In this guide we explain how to create this type of link and how to use it.

Configuring access for students through Google Classroom

Other way for your studens to access the labs is through Google Classroom. This approach is a bit harder to configure for instructors, but extremely straightforward for students. With a single class in a link that they may find in a Google Classroom task, they will access the specific lab directly. They will not need to choose the lab, or create an account, or enter any information. That way you can ensure that they don't get lost.

This guide explains how to configure and use this access method.